Uralvagonzavod Offers Long-Service Employees Trips to Health Resorts

12 September 2012 (09:25)

Silver Fir Mountains, a health and recreation resort, started a new fall season. A children’s camp used to be housed on the comfortable premises in the summer, but now this is a place of rest for the forty long-service employees of Uralvagonzavod, the corporation’s press service reports.

A ten-day stay was a way for the plant’s administration to reward the most active members of the long-service employees council. The corporation workers say these energetic and caring people provide great support to all the initiatives at the plant. Trips to this health resort are usually offered to the company workers at a discount, but these forty people will get their stays covered by the company in full.

During their stay, all the long-service employees will have a chance to benefit from a wide range of treatment options that are suitable for them. Also, the corporation’s social workers couldn’t but offer these active and eager people some cultural and sports events as well. For one, there will be darts and pioneer-ball contests; also, some seminars and round table discussions were held where the employees could discuss their plans and the objectives of their council.

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