Yekaterinburg Winery Fined for Illegal Use of Region’s Coat of Arms

10 September 2012 (11:22)

Yekaterinburg winery used to illegally place Sverdlovsk Region’s coat of arms onto the labels for is Yekaterinburg Vodka. Sverdlovsk Region Government took the case to court and made the wine manufacturer pay an administrative fine; the sum (around 1,000 RUR) is insignificant, but the government feels that this will teach every other for-profit company a lesson, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

Sverdlovsk Region Emblem Committee Chairman Mikhail Zubarev explained that everything started with a query the committee had sent to the plant in order to understand what grounds the wine maker had to use the coat of arms in question. According to the law, companies willing to use Sverdlovsk Region coat of arms must get a permit either through the Governor’s/the region’s government’s decree or within the framework of the regional legislation on the coat of arms and the flag of this federal constituency. It turned out that the winery had no permission whatsoever; moreover, the emblem was reproduced inaccurately.

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