Designer Vladimir Potkin’s Memorial Plaque Unveiled in Nizhniy Tagil

10 September 2012 (11:21)

On the eve of the Trooper’s Day, a memorial plaque dedicated to one of UVZ Corporation’s Ural Design Office of Transport Machine-Building’s most famous designers and the father of the Russian Army’s primary combat tank T-90 Vladimir Potkin was unveiled in Nizhniy Tagil, Uralvagonavod Scientific & Production Corporation’s press service reports.

Vladimir I. Potkin is a cult figure not only for the corporation but for the world’s tank industry on the whole. He chaired Ural Design Office of Transport Machine-Building in 1987-1999 and supervised work on the gearing system and the running gear of the most popular tank of today, T-72; in the 90s, he was behind the creation and commercial production of a new generation tank T-90, its modifications T-90K and T-90S, and a series of engineer vehicles, including the obstacle- and mine-clearing vehicles.

Potkin also coordinated the development and production launch of new kinds of civil produce like loaders and excavators, which meant the enterprise was able to retain its wholesome character and keep its technological facilities. What is more, Vladimir Potkin managed to lay the foundation for the company switching to computer-aided operating mode despite the financial hardships.

The solemn ceremony dedicated to unveiling of the plaque on the wall of Potkin’s apartment building, was attended by the designer’s relatives, heads of Uralvagonavod Scientific & Production Corporation and Ural Design Office of Transport Machine-Building, officials from the Nizhniy Tagil Municipal Council, and long-service employees of the two enterprises.

Thanks to the tests and experiments coordinated by Potkin, the enterprise cooperated with India in terms of shipments and license services, which continues to the present day. Also, the ‘flying’ T-90 tank is informally dubbed ‘Vladimir’ in honor of its creator. Those present at the unveiling ceremony stressed that it was in many respects due to the brilliant designer and supervisor that Uralvagonavod Scientific & Production Corporation and Ural Design Office of Transport Machine-Building flourished and could boast great prospects for many years to come.

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