Foreign Media Praise MMK Investment Projects

The French business magazine Les Echo is getting ready to publish a report on the corporate museums of industrial giants, including Volkswagen, Coña-Cola, and Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK).

‘Les Echo reporter not only visited MMK museum but also took a look at the company’s production site. He checked out the company’s new production facilities such as Mill 5000 and the cold-roll facility. MMK’s largest investment projects left him quite fascinated: he said he wondered why no metal goods for making LDPs were produced in the Soviet Union, even though oil and natural gas were exported extensively in the Soviet times just like today. In the journalist’s opinion, the production of good quality automobile body sheets is also an important step forward for the Russian metallurgical industry. In fact, 106,854 tons of goods were produced in July 2012 at MMK’s Mill 2000, which is the record output since the launch of the facility,’ MMK reports.

The reporter also spoke very favorably of the museum exhibits that present the company’s history from the start of the industrial giant’s construction and till the present day.

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