Uralvagonzavod Completes First Stage of Sheet-Metal Press Upgrade

29 August 2012 (09:18)

Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation completed the first stage of upgrading its unique sheet-metal press. About 40% of all the jobs have been done by now. The press is meant for making the bottom parts of all the cisterns the company produces. This machine is the only such piece of equipment in Russia, Uralvagonzavod’s press service reports.

The upgrades touched upon the entire control system. The old hydraulic system has been replaced with the newly designed system with the control valves for the basic mechanisms of the press. The processes responsible for the safe operation of the press have been partially automated. Also, a new operator control point has been installed. Besides, the computer now has a system for registering the performance data of the basic mechanisms of the press and of their parameters. It is also possible to make the stamping of the parts automated. The quality of the stamped products is now better and more precise as well. Finally, the operators’ working conditions were improved, and an air conditioner was installed in the control booth.

The nodes of the press have been diagnosed for problems and the plunger responsible for moving the working surface of the press (and manufactured in Germany) has been replaced. Then, the lubricant supply system has been restored and the working parts of the press have been partially upgraded. The hydro-pump-accumulating section of the press has been inspected for defects, and some of the faulty pipelines have been replaced and a new system for preparing and filtering the working fluid for the press has been installed. Also, two new 400-kilowatt pumps have been installed in place of the old ones.

The press upgrades were completed over a rather short period of time, in accordance with the schedule, as the machine has no counterparts that could be used for the time of repairs. Each stage of upgrades was preceded by some preliminary work and manufacturing of a number of extra component parts that could be kept in stock and used at the assembly line while the machine was being repaired. At the moment, the press can produce 1.5 to 2 sets of component parts an hour, and the amount of produce supplied by the sheet-metal press of Thermal Department 3 fully meets the needs of the assembly lines where Uralvagonzavod and one of the corporation’s divisions Uralcryomash’s cisterns are made.

Over the next few years, the rest of the crucial machinery of the press will have to be upgraded. A lot of work will be focused on the free-standing hydro-pump-accumulating section of the press, including the preparation of the working fluid and the jobs aimed at ensuring the uninterrupted power supply. The press is expected to undergo a full upgrade cycle in 2.5 years, and all the jobs will probably be completed in late 2013 or early 2014.

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