Seversky Pipe Plant Goes Digital

Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ), a member of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), is switching to digital telephone communication, the company’s press service reports.

The company’s automatic telephone system in the plant administration area that ensures communication inside the plant and in the central districts of the northern part of Severka has already gone 100% digital. The new commutation equipment with the capacity of 6,000 telephone numbers has been launched. This equipment is much more compact than its older counterpart, it is more energy efficient, produces less heat, and is less sensitive to microclimate, which saves money on the air conditioning.

Then, the old station that provided intranet communication has already been replaced with its digital counterpart, which is working just fine. This improved the quality of the connection and nearly tripled the phone number capacity, which means tasks can be solved more quickly, communication with other TMK enterprises gets more efficient, and communication expenses can be reduced.

The modern approach to telecommunications services was also used when putting up the cottage town of Berezovaya Roscha. The telephone connection is available in the normal mode here as well, and thanks to the fiber optic cable that the plant telecommunications experts have built the locals can now enjoy cable TV. In the future, all those willing to do so can use the cable for a high-speed Internet connection.

Seversky Pipe Plant’s dispatcher and communication service ensures communication not only inside the plant or the company. The services or the plant’s automatic telephone system are available not only to the workers and the retirees but also to a great number of enterprises and organizations in the town of Polevskoy.

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