Nizhniy Tagil Schools Get Multimedia Sets from Uralvagonzavod

20 August 2012 (09:20)

Each and every of Nizhniy Tagil Dzerzhinsky District’s schools was given a multimedia set by Uralvagonzavod (UVZ). Proofs of ownership were handed to the school principals by the Executive Director of UVZ Corporation’s main enterprise Vladimir Roschupkin. This was part of a social partnership program involving the city’s primary employer and the educational establishments of Dzerzhinsky District.

All the modern equipment was given to schools as a gift; it is meant to be used in the Physics classrooms. There are several goals behind this: to help improve the educational process and enhance the prestige of scientific disciplines, for example. The sets comprise an interactive board and a pair each of a screen, an overhead projector, a laptop, and an acoustic system. Each set costs 200,000 RUR.

Presenting the schools with these learning aids is not the only help Uralvagonzavod offers the schools. This summer alone, all the twenty schools in the district were remodeled: the repairs touched upon the facades, the roofs, the classrooms, the gyms, the cafeterias, and the halls. The enterprise donated 8m RUR for this, 400,000 RUR per school. What is more, 2m RUR were spent to ensure the gifted children’s participation in the local and national educational Olympics in the academic year 2011/2012.

Students from UVZ-supported schools take part in the plant’s cultural and sports events as well. These children took part in the military/sports contest, including the shooting competitions. Kids from 12 patronized schools took part in February Wind, the patriotic song contest. Seven schools based in Nizhniy Tagil also took part in the 9th Nizhniy Tagil Intellectual Games Festival that has been coordinated by Uralvagonzavod since 2001.

Last year, 37 tours to the plant’s museum and the company’s structural divisions were organized for 553 schoolchildren. 35 job counseling sessions were held; these were attended by 683 students. The children could meet the enterprise’s leading experts and the faculty of Uralvagonzavod’s Corporate University.

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