Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant Joins South Passage Project

17 August 2012 (16:59)

Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant (a member of ChTPZ Group) is now taking part in the South Passage Project. Within this project, the plant’s Vysota 239 Department is to supply over 40,000 tons of tubing products to OAO Gazprom in August and September 2012.

These ChTPZ-manufactured pipes with the diameter of 1,420mm, wall width 21.6mm, working pressure of up to 9.8 MPa, and an external and internal three-layer corrosion-resistant coating are made of K60 steel and comply with all the certificates and meet all the requirements necessary to join the project. What is more, these LDPs are different from their counterparts in that they have a special kind of branding – a colored spiral-like stripe along the entire pipe surface.

‘The ‘white metallurgists’ were the first among the Russian pipe manufacturers to start supplying LDPs for the project. The South Passage is one of the most important strategic projects of Gazprom; it will meet all the latest environmental and technological requirements. ChTPZ joining this project is both pleasant and prestigious, and we intend to keep on making every effort to prove worthy of taking part in the development of the country’s natural gas network,’ says the plant’s Director-General Yaroslav Zhdan.

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