Uralvagonzavod Employees Score Great Points for Evacuation Drills

16 August 2012 (09:23)

The employees of Uralvagonzavod Scientific Production Corporation attended some emergency drills, which was part of the municipal evacuation committee’s routine programs. In the end, the company’s Civil Defense & Emergencies Department’s employees proved the only experts in Nizhniy Tagil capable of setting up Clearing Point 56 within the required time limit. This evacuation point is meant for getting together and counting all the people who have to evacuate and for sending them to a safe area or to the countryside.

The employees of Uralvagonzavod organized everything at Clearing Point 56 within four hours. In case of emergency the point can process 4,189 people, including 340 schoolchildren and 349 pre-schoolers. The point comprises 11 different groups, for example, a group for gathering and accompanying evacuation echelons, a group for public announcements and communication, a provost control group, a medical aid one, and a parenting room. The last two groups are the most difficult ones to complete, as the parenting room, for example, needs beds, sheets, children’s books, chamber pots and much else besides (which the enterprise did buy).

The inspecting commission, which comprised Chairman of Nizhniy Tagil Evacuation Committee Valery Surov and Head of the City Council Civil Defense Department Nina Titova, looked at both the sufficiency of paraphernalia and at the employees’ expertise as well as at whether all the necessary documentation was in place.

Uralvagonzavod got excellent marks for all the criteria under evaluation. The committee’s verdict was that the enterprise’s emergency facilities were totally ready for anything, the company’s press service reports.

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