Yamalo-Nenetsk Customs Goods Turnover Declines 8% in First Half of Year

30 July 2012 (18:34)

In the first half of the year, 21 legal entities performed foreign trade transactions in Yamalo-Nenetsk Customs area and filled out 508 cargo manifests (including 255 import ones and 253 export ones). A year earlier, 620 cargo manifests were filled out, including 295 import ones and 325 export ones, Ural Customs Administration’s press service reports.

The foreign trade turnover came to $236.5m, with 85.4% of goods coming to or from the far abroad ($202.1m) and 14.6% of goods coming to or from the CIS ($34.4m) Imports amounted to 34.5% of the foreign trade turnover ($81.7m), while exports amounted to 65.5% of the turnover ($154.8m).

The freight turnover reached 219,600 tons, with 98.6% (216,600 tons) of the total volume falling into the far abroad category and 1.4% *3,000 tons) falling into the CIS category. In terms of weight, imports reached 3.9% of the freight turnover (8,600 tons), while exports came to 96.1% (211,000 tons).

The turnover of goods between Yamalo-Nenetsk Customs area and the CIS dropped by 33.4% compared with the first half of 2011 and amounted to $34.4m; the turnover of goods between Yamalo-Nenetsk Customs area and the countries of the far abroad went down by 1.7% and came to $201.1m.

The goods turnover decreased by 8%, the freight turnover rose by 16%, the number of filled cargo manifests dropped by 20.6%, the number of foreign economic activity players declined by 8%, the number of exporting countries shrank by 27.3%, and the number of importing countries went down by 35.7% against the first half of 2011.

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