Sverdlovsk Region Power System’s Capacity Could Reach 4,500 Megawatts by 2017

17 July 2012 (10:57)

By 2017, the total capacity of Sverdlovsk Region power system could actually reach 4,500 megawatts, the Program for the Development of Sverdlovsk Region’s Energy Complex in 2012-2017 states. This program was presented to the public in the course of a plenary session of the professional energy complex community at the exhibition Innoprom 2012.

It was pointed out that the current consolidated capacity of Sverdlovsk Region-based power stations comes to 9,670 megawatts. 97% of energy is produced using imported fuel.

In 2001, 46.2bn kilowatt-hours were used and 52bn kilowatt-hours were produced, so the current output is actually excessive.

Under the adopted action plan for 2012-2017, 4,220.5 megawatts worth of power-generating facilities and 1,773 megawatts worth of power-generating equipment will be launched in Sverdlovsk Region. What is more, 350 kilometers worth of electric mains and 11 110-150 kilowatt substations will be built; their total capacity will come to 3,340 megawatts. 23 35-500 kilowatt substations and 130km worth of aerial lines will be repaired as well.

This means the total capacity of the region’s power system will come 14,500 megwatts and to 15,500 megawatts by 2022.

The region’s Energy & Communal Housing Services & Utilities Minister Nikolai Smirnov says the recommendations and improvements proposed in the course of the discussion are very valuable and will be accounted for when the program is adjusted in 2013.

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