Sverdlovsk Region’s IPI Grows 7.7% in January-April

5 July 2012 (09:29)

The industrial production index (IPI) rose by 7.7% in January-May 2012 compared with January-may 2011 for all organizations. This included a 3% drop in the mineral resource development, a 10.3% increase in the processing industry, and a 1.8% increase in the electricity production and distribution sector, Sverdlovsk Region Ministry for Economics & Development reports.

The greatest increase on the previous year in terms of physical volume can be observed in the chemical industry: figures went up by 48.6% in January-May 2012 against January-May 2011. The figures for the car and machinery manufacturing industries went up by 43.4%; those for the pulp and paper industry rose by 22.6%, and those for the electronic and optical equipment production increased by 19.5%.

The volume of own-produced goods, work and services came to 542.2bn RUR for the entire range of organizations, which is 9% more than in January-May 2011. This included 26.3bn RUR for the mineral resource production (a 13.7% drop against a year earlier), 443.7bn RUR for processing industries (an 11.5% increase against a year earlier), and 72.3bn RUR for the electricity production and distribution sector, or a 1.9% increase on the previous year.

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