Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial production index grows 11.4% in January-May 2007

25 June 2007 (12:28)

Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial production index grew by 11.4% in January-May 2007 compared to the five months of 2006, the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region Ministry for Economics and Labor reports.

Machine-building and equipment-making industries, woodworking, nonmetallic mineral goods production, chemical industry, rubber and plastic goods production, pulp and paper industry and publishers and polygraphists, metallurgical industry and metal goods production did particularly well, with their industrial production indices growing by 60.8%, 24.8%, 21.5%, 13.7%, 11.9%, 11.3%, respectively, in January-May 2007 compared to a year earlier.

The region shipped to consumers 19 billion RUR worth of minerals (which is 43.6% better than a year earlier), 287.5 billion RUR worth of manufactured goods (which exceeds the figures for January-May 2006 by 39.4%), and 42 billion RUR worth of electricity, natural gas, and water (which is 19.7% greater than in five months of 2006) in January-May 2007.

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