Sverdlovsk Region produces 24.5% less fossil fuels this year

30 August 2013 (09:34)

August 30, 2013. The industrial production index in Sverdlovsk Region rose by 1.2% in January-July 2013 against a year earlier, and this is actually 1.2% better than in the Russian Federation on average, Sverdlovsk Region’s Economics Ministry’s press service reports.

According to Sverdlovskstat, the industrial production index for fossil fuels was 106.8% (against the country average of 100.9%), that for the processing industries was 101.1% (against the country average of 99.8%), that of electricity, natural gas, and water production and distribution was 95.9% (against the country average of 99.2%).

This January to July, the machine-building and equipment industry grew the most compared with a year earlier (by 33.1%), followed by the natural resources sector (by 7%, excluding the fossil fuels) and the pulp and printing industry (6%).

At the same time, the fossil fuels output decreased considerably in January-July 2013 against January-July 2012 (by 24.5%); the vehicle and transport machinery output declined by 23%.

The volume of locally produced goods, work, and services amounted to 800.4bn RUR in January-July 2013, which was 1.2% more than a year earlier. This includes 31.3bn RUR worth of products, work, and services produced in the natural resources development sector (15.9% less than in January-July 2012), 669.2bn RUR worth of work, products, and services in the processing industries (1% more than a year earlier), and 99.9bn RUR worth of work, products, and services in the electric power, natural gas, and water production and distribution (7.9% more than a year earlier).

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