RBC daily: Bank24.ru Might Become Facebook’s Partner in Russia

29 May 2012 (09:29)

RBC daily reports Facebook is planning to launch a new payment service as well as a person-to-person payments system in Russia. According to some sources that are privy to the course of negotiations, these are Bank24.ru and Russian Standard Bank that can be chosen as the social network’s Russian partners.

Facebook, which recently went through with an IPO, keeps setting up new services. A source privy to the course of negotiations says the social network is planning to introduce its own money order system and a new one-click checkout service in Russia. The new money order system will make it possible for users to transfer money all over the world in rubles, dollars, or euros at the speed of one transaction per second. The ways of converting this money from the virtual mode to cash are not being disclosed for the time being. According to the source, the new system will allow its users to pay for placing an ad online, for monitoring the visitor statistics, and for SEO services (key word search). The new services are expected to let the user choose the geography and the audience for the ad shown, as well as obtain visitor statistics.

The source also reports that the joint project will be implemented with Russian Standard Bank and Bank24.ru. The bank representatives chose not to comment on their prospective cooperation with Facebook.

This year, Russian Standard Bank registered its new brand (Like!) with Rospatent, while Bank24.ru registered the grapheme and the expression FirstLiked. This is the brand the bank uses to carry out a pro-active marketing campaign: a site called First Liked Bank has been created, with contests and product offers from Bank24.ru. A source on the e-payments market is aware of Facebook’s plans to launch a money order system in Russia.

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