customer to sue bank

27 November 2008 (09:09)

‘I happen to have three deposits in, that is, one ruble one, one dollar one, and one euro one. The bank set a daily limit of 2,000 RUR and a monthly limit of 10,000 RUR in October. Now once can only cash in 1,000 RUR a day. Besides, one used to be able to use the bank card to pay for at least $500 worth of purchase or make non-cash payments through Internet Bank, but we were deprived even of this on November 21, 2008,’’s customer Sergey Novikov said to UrBC.

‘I don’t have any source of income for the time being. I thought I had a sort of backup at the bank that I had been arranging for a rainy day. 10,000 RUR a month is not enough to pay the rent or even buy the food I need,’ he said.

‘I have recently placed a claim regarding the revocation of all the deposit agreements I have with the bank, insisting that I get all my money in cash. The total sum in question comes to about 150,000 RUR. The bank must provide an answer to my query within three days. In case they refuse me or fail to answer my query, I intend to take the case to the Court of Arbitrations. Looks like this is the only way to get my money. Financially, I cannot afford to wait for one and a half months before the bank either goes bust or starts going through financial recovery,’ Novikov added.

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