HAPPY Fashion Culture Magazine Russia iPad Version Halted due to High Cost and Lack of Accounts

21 May 2012 (09:29)

The iPad version of HAPPY Fashion Culture Magazine Russia had to be halted due to lack of advertising accounts and the product’s high cost.

‘This product is expensive to make and the magazine’s audience is quite unevenly distributed, so it’s hard to find accounts, and there are not too many iPad users in Yekaterinburg, after all. This is why we are questioning the future of this project and have to stop working on it because of all the difficulties,’ the magazine’s editors told UrBC.

HAPPY Fashion Culture Magazine Russia for iPads was launched in October 2010 and iPad owners could then download it through the App Store free of charge. This was No. 1 in the iPad Apps Top 3 Lifestyle applications at that moment, and the project’s creators were very ambitious to go on.

The iPad version developer East Media told UrBC that the latest issue became available in May 2011, and no orders had been placed by the publishing house since then.

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