NLMK Sort says sales go down due to smaller export shipments

4 May 2012 (09:40)

The member enterprises of NLMK Sort (NLMK’s section iron division) sold over 300,000 tons of reinforcing bars, 62,000 tons of metal goods, and 25,000 tons of rolled wire in January-March 2012 (which was, respectively, 5% more, 34% more, and 42% less than in the first quarter of 2011).

The companies sold about 390,000 tons of metal goods altogether; this was 10% less than a year earlier.

‘The decrease in the total quantity of metal goods sales was caused by dropping volumes of semi-finished goods and rolled wire export shipments. The decline of export shipments, on the other hand, has meant we could ship more to our domestic consumers,’ NLMK Sort reports.

About 90% of the member enterprises’ produce was thus sold on the home market.

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