Ford: We are interested in cooperating with MMK

6 March 2012 (09:40)

Ford is interested in doing business with MMK; this news was announced at a final meeting at the end of technical audit procedures conducted by experts from Ford’s European representation at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK).

For two days, a group of Ford experts and experts from the company’s Russian division Ford Sollers were busy at MMK. The audit involved all of the enterprise’s main divisions and departments related to production of metal goods for the automobile industry. The visitors inspected MMK’s oxygen converter shop, where they could get acquainted with slab production and shipment; they also visited the analytic lab, where they were explained how the tests aimed at determining the chemical composition of steel are done. Ford delegates then went to sheet-rolling shops 10, 11, and 5, as well as to the coatings shop, where they had a look at hot-rolled, cold-rolled, and galvanized sheet production and looked into the machinery installed at physical/mechanical and metallography laboratories. The visitors were really impressed with the new hot-roll Mill 2000, the enterprise reports.

According to Ford of Europe’s leading expert Albert Tцnnessen, MMK’s rolled metal products are currently undergoing one of approval stages: the samples provided by the company are being tested in the labs. The next stage will involve production testing right on the premises of Ford enterprises. In case the results look good, orders will be placed for pilot batches, and then a decision will be made whether to give the produce the final approval and to do further business together.

‘This is a very powerful and large enterprise. Judging from the machinery we have seen, I see considerable long-term investments have been made. I am positive that you can make the product we need and ensure the quality we need. I would like to emphasize that we consider MMK a very strong manufacturer with a great potential, so we need to keep on cooperating to become long-term partners for many years to come.’ Tцnnessen said at the end of his visit to MMK.

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