MMK introduces Ford Motor Company standards

22 December 2010 (10:30)

OAO Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) applied Ford Motor Company’s standards to its zinc-coated rolled products.

These standards determine the requirements that the automobile industry products supplied to Ford have to meet. The standards cover such products as hollow-resistant steel sheets and hot-dip galvanized rolled products made of low-alloy steel with high and super-high formability. MMK is now coordinating the first shipments of metal goods that meet Ford Motor Company’s standards.

MMK sees the production of automobile body sheets that meet the existing global standards as one of its strategic priorities. In order to achieve this goal, MMK is now putting up cold roll Mill2000 and launched the first block of a stamped components plant and a maintenance center MMK Intercos in Saint Petersburg in November. The center is supposed to process Mill2000 products for the car factories located in the North-West of Russia.

‘The introduction of the world’s leading car manufacturers’ standards means MMK is making yet another step towards becoming the key supplier for both the Russian car makers and the foreign manufacturers that set up their factories in Russia,’ MMK reports.

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