MMK Gets Renault Approval

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) reports its has successfully undergone a technical audit carried out by Renault experts.

Based on the results of the audit, MMK received an approval for the delivery of hot dip galvanized rolled metal stock meant for the manufacturing of automobile internal parts.

The confirmation of the fact that MMK’s technologies comply with Renault’s modern standards is an important step on the way to acceptation that will later on allow us to make serial deliveries to both Russian and foreign customers,’ MMK reports.

Now MMK has been successfully undergoing its metal goods acceptation procedures with many Russian and foreign companies. Within the framework of this project, MMK’s technical processes and produce get approval from the world’s leading car manufacturers and household appliances producers.

The monitoring of the technological process relating to the steel varieties under the acceptation is done by the experts of MMK Central Control Lab. At the moment, the company is manufacturing some pilot sets of acceptation-intended rolled metal stock for LG Corp, Ford Motor Company, and some other businesses. At the same time, samples are being selected for the acceptation procedures with carmakers like General Motors, Volkswagen, Matador, and others, and with the household appliances manufacturers like Samsung, Bosch, Bosch und Siemens.

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