CIMM Co. Ltd delegates come to Karabashmed

30 March 2012 (09:23)

A group of delegates from the Chinese company CIMM Co. Ltd visited Karabashmed. The delegation was headed by the company’s First Deputy DG Zhang Saoming; CIMM Co. Ltd is the company which is working on the copper enterprise’s project and supplies the machinery for its new vitriolic department.

At the moment, presentations are being made on the vitriolic department equipment, and talks are being held by the technical experts. The parties are negotiating over the particular components of the equipment that could be supplied and over the terms of the contract.

In the future, the two companies will consider signing a contract for the delivery of a thickener meant for the processing of production slag.

Karabashmed expects both contracts to be signed by April 4. The delivery of the new equipment will start late in 2012.

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