Karabashmed Gets new Converter Cleaning Equipment

2 October 2017 (14:46)

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, October 2, 2017. Russian Copper Company’s Karabashmed in Karabash, Chelyabinsk Region got over a half of all new equipment intended for converter gas-cleaning.

According to Russian Copper Company’s press service, the equipment is to get installed in the converter-cleaning section of the plant’s Copper-Smelting Department; the section is currently under reconstruction. Once the jobs are done, the section will get three up-to-date Kumera converters (capacity: 150,000 kg each).

The gas-cleaning equipment comprises technological and suction dust caps for converters and adiabatic gas condensers. The excess gases that are by-products of copper-smelting process will get delivered into a two-chamber electric filter and then also filtered in the sulphuric shop.

Over sixty carriages full of appliances, spare parts, and mechanisms have arrived at the plant since the start of September (total weight: 1,000,000 kg; total cost: more than $3.8m). Karabashmed will get 130 carriages full of equipment to launch its new Kumera converters altogether.

The acceptance tests at Karabashmed get supervised by the supplier’s representative CIMM (China).

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