Russian Copper Company keeps upgrading Karabashmed

28 March 2014 (09:30)

March 28, 2014. Karabashmed’s upgrades and re-equipment program covers for a series of steps aimed at replacing machinery with the newer counterparts and putting up filtering facilities, Russian Copper Company Group’s PR & Social Policies Administration reports.

The upgrades plan provides for both replacement of old equipment with the new one that is more productive and environmentally friendly and putting up of new production facilities.

The construction of another vitriolic shop is the key project within the process of the company’s chemical and metallurgical unit reconstruction. The shop will operate on the basis of the double contact/double absorption technology (DC/DA) that was developed specifically for the recycling o metallurgical gases. Once the unit has been reconstructed and the new vitriolic shop has been launched, nearly all the sulphur dioxide the company makes will be recycled.

All of these measures will raise the enterprise’s productivity to 120,000,000 kg of crude copper a year and lessen its environmental impact. This means that the launch of the vitriolic shop will serve as one more step on the way to solving the long-standing environmental problem of emissions from Karabashmed’s copper-smelting facility.

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