Vicente Loscertales: Both Novokoltsovsky and Pravoberezhny Districts are suited for EXPO Park

20 March 2012 (09:11)

The potential sites for hosting EXPO 2020 in Yekaterinburg look suitable for the World Universal Exhibition and will promote the city’s dynamic development, the Secretary-General of Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales said after he took a tour of the city in the company of Governor Alexander Misharin.

Loscertales visited the international exhibition center Yekaterinburg EXPO – one of the potential sites for hosting the world fair. He was updated on the plans relating to the development of the area which has been dubbed Novokoltsovsky District, and was also told about another potential site on the shore of Verkh-Isetsky Pond.

The prospective land allotment in the vicinity of Koltsovo Airport has the area of 480 hectares. Alexander Misharin pointed out that a new city district would be set up there regardless of whether EXPO would be held in this particular spot. The advantages of this site lie in the fact that it is close to the airport and a railway link as well to Yekaterinburg orbital highway. This means this district will become a sort of a gateway to the city that will be responsible for the first impressions visitors to the city will have of Yekaterinburg. The BIE official said the site’s other strong point was that it lies at a distance from the city, which means its development could be very flexible.

The prospective land allotment in VIZ District has the area of 550 hectares. This territory is close to the city center, which means the exhibition buildings could be quickly integrated in the city infrastructure. The beauty of the place lies in that it is close to the River Iset.

Governor Misharin thanked the BIE head for coming to the Mid-Urals. He said Loscertales’s arrival was an important step in the campaign aimed at preparing Russia for holding EXPO 2020.

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