EXPO 2020 Site in Yekaterinburg Might Exceed 400 Hectares, Committee Says

25 January 2012 (09:25)

The area of the site that will house World Universal Fair EXPO 2020 in case Yekaterinburg gets selected as the hosting city for the event might come to over 400 hectares, the Director-General of EXPO 2020 Application Committee Eric Bugulov said in an interview to Interfax-Ural.

‘We hope to be able to develop one of the largest sites in the history of EXPO – with the area of over 400 hectares – and to invite more than two hundred countries to take part in the exhibition,’ he said.

Bugulov explains that Yekaterinburg’s comparative advantage, in contrast to the other candidates for hosting the world fair, lies in the fact that the city is located right on the border of Europe and Asia, which gives it the status of the new Eurasian cultural, communications, trade, and traveling center.

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