Buddhist Temple in Kachkanar is Illegal, Natural Resources Ministry Claims

6 February 2012 (09:22)

A land allotment where a Buddhist temple is being put up illegally by the believers’ community of Kachkanar pertains to Quarter 27 (Unit 11) of Kachkanar division of Kachkanar forestry fund (Verkhoturskoye ranger district) and is owned by the state, Sverdlovsk Region’s Natural Resources Minister Konstantin Kryuchkov explained to UrBC.

Meanwhile, president of the Diamond Way Buddhist Center of the Karma Kagyu Lineage in Kachkanar Alexander Berezin appealed to the media on behalf of the local Buddhist community, who have been working on their Shadchupling Monastery on Mount Kachkanar, Sverdlovsk Region, for nearly seventeen years. According to Berezin, a EVRAZ Holding member Kachkanar Ore Mining & Processing Plant (KGOK) is vehemently opposed to the project. The local believers sent letters to the government authorities, asking for help.

The minister said that in 1995-2000, the religious organization in question put up a number of religious and auxiliary buildings without getting all the necessary documentation for the land allotment and without getting a construction permit for the area rich in subsoil resources, which is why all these structures must be pulled down with no compensation of the expenses incurred.

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