Buddhist Center: KGOK Hinders Monastery Construction Illegally

President of the Diamond Way Buddhist Center of the Karma Kagyu Lineage in Kachkanar Alexander Berezin appealed to journalists on behalf of the community of believers who have been working on a Buddhist monastery Shadtchupling in Mount Kachkanar, Sverdlovsk Region, for the last seventeen years.

In his letter, Berezin explains that all these years the local Buddhists cannot up the monastery at the mountain even though the conditions are very propitious there for Buddhist practices. For over a decade, the believers kept trying to get the necessary land allotment registered but have failed so far.

In 2004, they tried to register the land. On December 28, 2004 the city council replied that the subsoil resource developer Kachkanar Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise (KGOK) did not agree to allocate the patch.

Berezin believes this state of affairs might have serious implications.

‘We inform both Russian and foreign Buddhist organizations about the problem and ask them to appeal to the management of the holding so that they reconsider their plans. KGOK management probably just does not realize the scale of the consequences of their decision. We hope this ignorant attitude can be reversed,’ he says.

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