Investment Minister: Yekaterinburg EXPO Isn’t the Only Place to Host EXPO

18 August 2011 (09:12)

A recent meeting dedicated to Yekaterinburg’s application campaign for hosting the World Exhibition EXPO 2020 resulted in the decision to set up an ad hoc committee that will deal with the application.

The application has to be presented to the International Exhibitions Bureau by November 2, 2011.

According to First Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government and Minister for Investment & Development Mikhail Maksimov, if Yekaterinburg wins the privilege of hosting the exhibition, EXPO 2020 will not necessarily be housed in EXPO Yekaterinburg exhibition center where the recent Innoprom 2011 industrial fair was held.

For one, the World Exhibition might get housed on the site located on the shore of Lake Shartash. Managing Partner and chief architect of BarcelonaRegional José Antonio Acebillo Marín feels this is the most attractive spot for an event like this.

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