Ural Airlines’ Passenger Turnover Rises 40%

Ural Airlines’ passenger turnover rose by 40% in 2011, the company’s press service reports.

In December 2011, the air carrier operated 1,691 flights (which exceeded the figures for December 2010 by 30%), including 534 international flights, 754 domestic flights, and 403 flights around the CIS. 187,633 customers flew with Ural Airlines in the last month of the year, which was 66% more than a year earlier. 70,165 customers were international travelers, 75,355 people used the company’s domestic flights, and 42,113 passengers traveled to or from the CIS member states. The actual passenger turnover reached 521,843 passenger-kilometers in December 2011, which was 76% better than in December 2010.

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