Raiffeisenbank, Citibank, Unicredit Bank brand awareness goes down

Rosgosstrakh’s strategic research center came up with the results of its Bank Brands survey that measured the on-the-spot awareness of a particular brand.

Those surveyed were asked, ‘What banks do you know?’ The percentage was calculated on the basis of the total number of responses.

In addition to Russian banks, a number of foreign banks operating in Russia were also featured in the survey.

In comparison with the year 2010, the number of people aware of the Austrian Raiffeisenbank declined from 10% to 7%; that of respondents aware of the U.S. Citibank decreased from 5% to 4%, and the number of those surveyed who knew about Unicredit bank dropped from 2% to 1%.

The figures for the Czech Home Credit & Finance Bank have remained at its level of 7%; so have the figures for the Cyprus-based Uniastrum Bank (1%).

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