Home Credit, Go Home, Credit Amnesty Says

27 September 2011 (10:47)

Credit Amnesty, a political party set up to protect the borrowing parties’ rights is going to launch an All-Russian protest march against Home Credit Bank on September 29, 2011. The march is known as Home Credit, Go Home! The news was announced via the party’s official website; this is actually the second time the party is about to attack ‘the banks that are going beyond the beyonds’. The first protest was targeted against Russian Standard Bank.

The party’s founding congress took place in Moscow on July 10, 2011. It was decided that local representations would be set up in eighty-three Russian federal constituencies. The party has not been registered with the Russian Ministry of Justice.

Home Credit Bank is Russian Standard Bank’s primary rival in the task of tying Russia up in debt bondage,’ the website states.

The party activists believe the bank is using ‘some cunningly elaborated lending schemes where the debt is growing in geometrical progression’.

Russian Standard Bank and Home Credit Bank are the two leading freaks of the Russian banking system that we intend to fight mercilessly against. On September 29, we encourage everyone who is unhappy with Home Credit Bank to come to their nearest office and place a sticker with one’s ‘wishes’ to the bank on the window,’ the party suggests.

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