Standard & Poor's concerned over Home Credit & Finance Bank

30 November 2010 (09:11)

The international raring agency Standard & Poor's reconsidered its rating outlook of the Russian Home Credit & Finance Bank recently, promoting it from Negative to Stable. At the same time, the bank’s contractor long-term and short-term credit ratings were affirmed at B+ and B, respectively.

‘An improved rating outlook reflects our feeling that the bank’s financial performance indicators grew to look better within the recovering operating environment on the Russian market. For one, Home Credit & Finance Bank’s has been enjoying some positive business development dynamics lately; besides, its asset quality and resource base appear to improve as well,’ says the agency’s credit analyst Viktor Nikolsky.

Nevertheless, the fact that an impressive share of the bank’s transactions is performed on the highly risky consumer lending market and the relatively high (though decreasing) dependence of its resource base on the capital markets both keep preventing the bank’s ratings from going further up, Standard & Poor's reports.

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