Standard & Poor's: Home Credit & Finance Bank’s Rating Limited by Russian Market Risks

5 September 2011 (08:57)

The rating agency Standard & Poor's reconsidered the rating outlook of Russia-based Home Credit & Finance Bank, moving it from Stable to Positive. The bank’s earlier В+/В long- and short-term credit ratings were also affirmed but then called off upon the bank’s request.

Promoting the rating outlook to Positive means we expect Home Credit & Finance Bank to keep up with its sufficient operational profitability performance thanks to improved solvency and a level-headed approach to setting up reserves; we also expect it successfully to refinance its loans on the capital markets,’ the agency reports.

In our view, Home Credit & Finance Bank’s rating is limited by the relatively great risks of the Russian consumer lending market as well as by the bank’s ongoing dependence on the market sources of funds and its significant dividend payments,’ Standard & Poor's reports.

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