Products by Adidas, H&M, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Nike, Puma Contain Toxic Components, Greenpeace Warns

Greenpeace claims the produce of fourteen international clothing manufacturers contains some toxic components.

The list features such companies as Adidas, H&M, Calvin Klein, Abercombie&Fitch, Kappa, Lacoste, Nike, and Puma, the online portal Molly.Ru reports.

The organization’s report states that their research indicated some hydroxy-ethyl alkylphenol content in the clothes and footwear produced by these companies. These compounds are know to be able to convert into nonylphenol during washing, and this chemical can have a detrimental effect on a human’s hormonal balance; it can also find its way into foodstuffs and harm the environment.

The toxic chemicals were detected in fifty-eight out of seventy-eight samples in the course of the research.

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