Pirated sportswear confiscated in Nizhniy Tagil

22 December 2010 (11:20)

A number of apparently counterfeit goods were found by Nizhniy Tagil Customs officers in one of the local stores, Ural Customs Administration’s press service reports.

The owner of the goods in question was unable to produce any documentary proof of the products being genuine, so their sale is believed to violate the trademark owner’s rights. The sports clothing and footwear bearing Adidas and Nike logos, worth a total of 28,500 RUR, had to be confiscated, with product samples directed to expert examination.

All in all, about 1,200 counterfeit items have been confiscated from the stores located within the Nizhniy Tagil Customs area. These are mainly sports- and footwear items branded as Lacoste, Adidas, Umbro, and Nike.

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