Ural Airlines claims Koltsovo airport’s increased fuel prices mean greater fares

17 July 2007 (07:36)

‘If the new fuel prices that Koltsovo airport is about to introduce get the approval of Federal Antimonopoly Service in Sverdlovsk Region, and if this increase in prices is not seen as a violation of any sort by the industry’s watchdogs, we’ll just have to operate somewhat differently,’ Ural Airlines’ Deputy General Director Alexei Fomin says.

‘Given the airport’s monopoly in the field of fuel supplies, their increased prices will lead to more expensive tickets. It’s hard to say at the moment just how this is going to be happening, since the situation on the market is another factor. We’ll have to adjust our pricing policies to make tickets either more or less costly depending on how the market reacts to the changes in Koltsovo airport’s fuel prices. We’ll be bearing our customers’ interests in mind in whichever case, though,’ Mr. Fomin reports.

Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg is planning to raise its fuel prices to 18,460 RUR per ton this August.

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