TMK Premium Thread Connections Undergo ISO 13679 CAL IV Certification

17 June 2011 (11:47)

Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tubing products for the oil and gas industry, reports its premium thread connections TMK PF have been successfully certified for compliance with the ISO 13679 CAL IV requirements. The certification audit was carried out at Oil States Industries in Aberdeen, Great Britain, where the world’s largest O & G companies’ produce get certified, TMK press service reports.

The testing was performed by TMK-Premium Service that has actually tested TMK’s produce for compliance with the ISO 13679 CAL IV standard for the first time. The qualification program of special tests was applied to TMK PF thread connections which are 11.99 mm thick, have a diameter of 245 mm, and a strength class of P110.

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