UFU Rector: problems with quality of teaching

14 June 2011 (09:10)

Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Misharin chaired a meeting of Ural Federal University Supervisory Board. The meeting was dedicated to the main directions of the university’s development in 2011-2012 and its educational, international, and financial activity.

Rector of Ural Federal University Viktor Koksharov pointed out that getting as many students as possible was not the priority; the quality of teaching was. He explained there were some problems there: only 61% of faculty, in fact, have their PhDs, whereas the share of younger lecturers was rather meager. This is why the university’s management main challenge at the moment is making the jobs attractive for the younger faculty members. For one, the young teaching staff’s pay premiums are to be doubled, 15,000 RUR a month will be paid to the author of every international publication throughout the entire year of publication, and some housing construction schemes are also under development at the moment.

There are 794 international students at UFU at the moment, and the university is planning to accept 300 more.

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