Brusnika: New Online Lectures on Yekaterinburg’s History, Architecture

22 April 2020 (09:07)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 22, 2020. The housing developer Brusnika keeps running its online lectures meant to educate Yekaterinburg locals currently in self-isolation. There will be free live sessions on architecture, urban planning trends, design, urban development, and personal efficiency in the new reality.

Two lectures will take place this week, including A Brief History of Yekaterinburg by architect, author of Yekaterinburg/Sverdlovsk travel guide, and curator behind the White Tower Restoration Project Polina Ivanova. The two-hour lecture will dwell on the different epochs in the three-hundred-year-old metropolis’s history. 4:00 PM (Moscow time), April 22, 2020.

‘I’ll give a talk on how the city was founded, how the fortresses appeared one after another, and how the general construction plans got adopted. In different centuries, these were plants, street markets, parks, or embankments that served as the center and core of all events. Every epoch had its own growth attractors. We will phantasize together about the possible growth attractors for now and for the future. We’ll also try to see the bits and pieces of the old city in the modern street network of Yekaterinburg,’ Polina Ivanova says.

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