Uralsvyazinform hands 100,000 debtors over to Lindorff

Uralsvyazinform, a telecommunications provider and a member of Svyazinvest Holding, handed its debtors (nearly 100,000 subscribers) to the international debt-collecting agency Lindorff. The agency is already cooperating with Rostelecom that is to unite all the smaller members of Svyazinvest in one month’s time,’ ComNews.ru reports.

Uralsvyazinform and Lindorff signed their contract in December 2010. The list of debtors was given in to the agency in a few stages, in January and early February.

‘This is going to be a long-term cooperation, which means the operator will be transferring the debtors lists to the agency on a regular basis,’ says Lindorff Director Alexei Chebotarev.

The February list features a little fewer than 100,000 subscribers, including landline and mobile phone users as well as the operator’s Internet users.

Under the agreement signed by the two parties, Uralsvyazinform empowers the agency to negotiate with the debtors, send them letters, notifications, and debt-paying demands, and have the debts restructured (upon Uralsvyazinform’s agreement). The exact scale of the commission has not been disclosed by Lindorff for reasons of confidentiality.

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