Authorities look into tree-felling

25 February 2011 (17:47)

Yekaterinburg’s public prosecution authorities checked whether the preparatory jobs for the construction of a building in Zoologicheskaya St-Repin St-Volgogradskaya St-Serafima Deryabina St in Yekaterinburg are actually legal. The authorities detected some violations of the tree-felling regulations in the allotment in question.

Yekaterinburg city council allowed OOO Torgovy Center to fell 1,161 trees, but this permission had legal flaws in it as it did not agree with the Green Area Regulations: no reasons were given for the need to fell the trees, no special expert examination took place. Nor did OOO Torgovy Center provide the city council with any proof of its rights to the land allotment or the plan to replace the trees with the new ones.

The compliance with the Regulations is necessary to ensure the locals’ right to a nicer environment.

As the felling permission was actually legally flawed, the city’s prosecutor asked the court to declare it invalid. He actually protested against this permission before, but his claim was dismissed then.

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