Court rules in favor of environmental authorities

2 March 2010 (11:13)

Yekaterinburg’s Oktyabrskiy district court ruled in favor of Sverdlovsk Region environmental prosecution authorities; the plaintiff insisted that DVI Ural pay over 870,000 RUR to make up for the damage caused by cutting down trees when ComsoMall shopping center was being put up, says Deputy Prosecutor Igor Melkov.

‘The company did have a permission to cut down some trees, but they were supposed to have paid for the damage and to have planted an equivalent number of new trees. The developer did not do any of this,’ Melkov explains.

OOO DVI Ural is a developer that worked on the engineering infrastructure for ComsoMall shopping center.
The prosecutor also placed a claim against Amber Company that was a developer of Alatyr shopping center; the plaintiff wants the company to pay over 2.3 million RUR in compensation for cutting down fifty-nine tress during the construction process.

‘The claim against Amber Company will be heard in court on March 3, 2010,’ Igor Melkov said to an UrBC reporter.

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