Serov Metallurgical Plant, Uralasbest run greatest layoffs

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 24, 2011. Sverdlovsk Region State Employment Service Department came up with a list of companies that went through with large-scale layoffs in 2010.

For one, Serov Metallurgical Plant made 2,580 people redundant due to decreased amount of work to be done. 1,700 people had to leave Ural Electro-Chemical Works for the same reason.

477 people were laid off at Sredneuralsk Copper-Smelting Plant because the company had improved on its management structure, and 660 people left Uralasbest due to decreased production output. Also, 387 people were made redundant at Nikomogneupor due to decreased production output, 397 people left Uralsky Les because the company went bankrupt, 355 people were laid off at Egorshino Radio Plant due to the organization’s insolvency, and 470 people left Uralsvyasinform due to changes in the company structure.

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