Renovation for Yekaterinburg railway station

Sverdlovsk Region Railways came up with a report on the renovation and development of local railway stations in the year 2010.

The railway stations directorate signed a number of cooperation agreements with the governments of Perm Territory (in 2009) and Sverdlovsk Region (on September 2, 2010). In addition, an agreement is about to be signed with the government of Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous Region. The agreements concern renovation of the local railway stations.

The Corporate Communications Department of Sverdlovsk Region Railways (Russian Railways’ daughter enterprise) reports that the existing railway station in Yekaterinburg will also be renovated, with some new buildings and facilities to be put up. The facilities are expected to ensure the inter-exchange among passenger traffic flowing in from different means of transportation as well as comfortable and safe conditions for passengers switching from one kind of transport to another. Also, the surrounding premises will come to be more organized and developed.

Railway Development is now busy finishing up its upgrades project for Yekaterinburg railway station.

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