Governor gives Chelyabinsk Region citizens new electric train

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin celebrated the Railroader’s Day by presenting the regional population with a new electric train in the course of meeting the new head of South Ural Railways Vladimir Moldaver on July 27, 2007. The spokesperson for the Governor reports this was the second time Mr. Sumin and Mr. Moldaver met.

Mr. Moldaver spoke on the daily performance of the railway workers and said that South Ural Railways and Chelyabinsk Region Government enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership. The regional government allocated some money to buy an electric train as early as 2003; last year, 236 million RUR were contributed to restore Chelyabinsk Glavniy station and 115 million RUR were invested in putting up a suburban railway station. In addition, some money was spent by the region’s government on a railway station in Kyshtym.

The Governor emphasized the importance of the railway for Chelyabinsk Region, given especially the significant increase in industrial production the region has been experiencing. Local railroaders have a lot more to do now that there are all these great loads of raw materials and large shipments of goods to handle.

In addition, Mr. Sumin and Mr. Moldaver discussed the upcoming opening ceremony of the new suburban railway station; the event is expected to be attended by Russian Railways Public Company CEO Vladimir Yakunin.

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