MRSK Urala’s hookup revenues to go down in 2011

‘Judging by the energy consumption rate, we haven’t reached the pre-recession levels yet,’ MRSK Urala PR & GR Director Dmitri Tyuktin told UrBC.

‘According to our forecasts, if the current dynamics holds on, we’ll reach the target figures in two to three years. However, the number of companies applying for the hookup is ever growing. We received 15,300 applications in 2008, 16,400 applications in 2009, and over 20,000 applications last year. This is why we cannot say enterprises are not willing to invest in getting connected to the power infrastructure. One should also bear in mind that the number of applications went up so dramatically mostly because the government offered better prices for small and medium enterprises,’ Tyuktin explained.

Now MRSK Urala Board of Directors confirmed the company’s business plan for the year 2011.
Under this plan, the company’s target financial and operational performance figures look like this: 54,880,100,000 RUR worth of revenues, 53,655,600,000 RUR worth of energy supplying services, 912,600,000 RUR worth of hookup services, 53,588,900,000 RUR worth of expenses, and 972.6 million RUR worth of net profit.

‘The 912.6 million RUR worth of hookup services is the forecast we are working with for the time being. The final figures will depend on the business activity and the number of applications we are to receive in the nearest future. The actual revenues might actually change in the course of the year,’ Tyuktin added.

MRSK Urala expects the hookup revenues for 2010 to come to about 1.7 billion RUR.

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