Economics Minister: we can back up newcomers for financial risks

Sverdlovsk Region’s presentation for the potential investors was coordinated on the premises of Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s permanent representation under the Russian Federation President in Moscow. The presentation was organized by the region’s Economics Ministry. Sverdlovsk Region was represented by First Deputy Head of Government and Economics Minister Mikhail Maksimov, First Deputy Economics Minister Vitaly Nedelny, and Deputy Minister Viktor Dolzhenko.

The government officials presented the Mid-Urals’ potential to the heads of Siemens, SKF, Lafarge SA, MAN B&W DIESEL, Veolia Environments, GILDEMEISTER (DMG Europe Hîlding GmbÍ), Alstrom, HEIMATEC GMBH, EMG Automation GmbH, and of some other companies.

The foreign managers took a great interest in the recent amendments to the state guarantees: these can now be backed up through the right to renting a land allotment as well as by bonded loans in addition to the earlier back-ups.

At the end of the event Mikhail Maksimov pointed out that the regional authorities were willing to assume responsibility, including that for (mainly financial) risks to support the businesses that come on Sverdlovsk Region’s market.

He also observed that such meetings with the business community representatives would soon become a regular event.

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