Avtoplus: Yekaterinburg car market to stay changeable

‘Yekaterinburg automobile market players tend to have their shares re-shaped and re-distributed these days. Some more changes are yet to come, so it’s a bit early to make any forecasts at the moment,’ Avtoplus Group’s PR & Internet Communications Director Tatiana Meshkoy said to UrBC.

‘In fact, the number of dealing centers our Group runs has doubled since the start of the recession: five new centers, including the ones in Omsk, Kamensk-Uralskiy, and Nizhniy Tagil, complemented the five already existing dealerships. In addition to companies specializing in Toyota, Lexus, and Audi, we now have two centers which offer their customers Skoda makes,’ she reported.

‘Our sales went up this year, but since the general output of automobiles decreased due to the recession, we can’t speak of going back to the good old sales figures yet,’ Ms Meshkoy noted.

‘There are virtually always plenty of cars available for sale in our centers, but customers usually have a very specific idea of an automobile in mind, that is, they look for a certain color and for a specific set of options. We’ll definitely order such a car for them and will have it delivered, but this will take some time. On average, a customer has to wait for three to four months for the car of their dreams,’ the company executive explained.

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