Porsche sells 50 cars in Yekaterinburg in 2009

‘It’s true that all of the luxury segment car centers had a hard time during the recession. Porsche’s sales, for one, plummeted by over 30% last year compared to 2007 and 2008. We sold about 120 cars in 2007-2008 but only 50 last year. However, things are getting better now, with sales actually going up a bit,’ Director of Porsche Center Yekaterinburg Alexander Lebedev said to UrBC.

‘Porsche cars are obviously enjoying demand again. The local dwellers are mainly interested in Porsche Cayenne at the moment. Also, the year 2010 should be a promising one for the new Porsche Panamera,’ Lebedev added.

‘Our sales went up during the winter holiday season. In fact, the sales of cars belonging to this price segment don’t really depend on the season or time period, it is all up to the customer. Sometimes the purchase takes up to six months. And in case a customer has chosen a car to order, there will be a two to three months’ wait,’ observed Porsche Center Yekaterinburg Sales Director Sergey Shcherbachev.

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